Midus Dark Unknown (midusunknown) wrote,
Midus Dark Unknown

My Daily Tweets

As always, here are my daily tweets to nourish your vast hunger for all that I do each and every day just for you.

  • 01:25 @pandalover263 twitpic.com/1ydz7o - I love the over all look #
  • 15:17 I am so incredibly lost as to what day of the week it is every time I wake up. #
  • 17:31 Listening to the Venture Bros. Commentary makes me want to write like nobodies business. #
  • 19:59 It's been almost a month since Fanime and I'm still waiting on a few pieces of key information before I can finish reporting on the con. #
  • 21:28 Gonna go see Toy Story 3 in a few hours. This should be fun. #
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