Midus Dark Unknown (midusunknown) wrote,
Midus Dark Unknown

My Daily Tweets

As always, here are my daily tweets to nourish your vast hunger for all that I do each and every day just for you.

  • 07:15 Well that was quite literally a painfully fun night. My life sometimes...My fuckin life. #
  • 07:27 Glad I'm awake, it seems England finally is remembering how to play ball. #
  • 07:30 OH COME ON! So fuckin close, I can't believe that didn't go in! #
  • 17:00 Holy Fuck! Who put this bruise on my head?!? #
  • 17:05 @jteamjason Was this hot tub some kind of...time machine? #
  • 17:40 Let it be said I HATE txting. It's the most frustrating thing and should never be used for serious conversations. I blame women for this. #
  • 19:00 @lolitztoeknee indeed! #
  • 19:01 Dishes washed, body sore, food in oven, txting problems solved, and writing under way. Now I just need to do deal with this ComicCon pass BS #
  • 19:41 Wish series 3 of the inbetweeners was out already. #
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