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Midus Unknown: Captain's Log

Midus Unknown of the DSC Keloria

Midus Dark Unknown
5 August
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I was born in London and currently reside in San Diego, California (which is somewhat sadly in the US). My musical tastes run all over the place, from operatic to rock, jazz to techno, even country. A huge fan of HBO series my favorite tv shows are normally those big historical epics like Deadwood or Rome, though I love scifi like lexx, firefly, farscape, and stargate...that and i'm a sucker for crime drama like L&O:SVU and without a trace. I love reading some favorite authors are Alan Moore, jeff grubb, Geoff Johns, JRR Tolkien, Judd Winick, Terry Brooks, Greg Rucka, Jeph Loeb, and J. Robert King. I also like Fighting, I do alot of boxing and sword fighting as well as other weapon related dueling. And as of now that's all i can think of to say.