Midus Dark Unknown (midusunknown) wrote,
Midus Dark Unknown

My Daily Tweets

As always, here are my daily tweets to nourish your vast hunger for all that I do each and every day just for you.

  • 00:32 Today was a good day. I had fun, talked to people in ways that alleviated alot of prior stress, hung out w/ friends, & finally got play EDH! #
  • 11:24 @kelsmongerco The oddest part would be I had something similiar, but comics instead of movies. #
  • 12:08 I know the endpoint now of what I need to say & what I want to ask, but I still have a few more days I need to fortify myself for it. #
  • 12:38 Okay, I'm finally sick and tired of not having matching socks, or having socks with holes in them. I'm going out a buying a bundle right now #
  • 13:25 one of the gayest pics ive ever taken, but i like my abs! twitpic.com/24h5sw #
  • 13:26 one last sexy pic, cause im loving it. twitpic.com/24h65w #
  • 13:52 Impromptu helping a friend move time. When i need to keep busy, ways certainly find me. #
  • 19:16 So what is everyone up to? anyone want to do anything? #
  • 20:11 @xDickey so is that how long the viagra lasted? #
  • 20:39 @kelsmongerco I tell you Vegas people, California is the place to be! #
  • 20:50 Gotta agree with @kelsmongerco. Just about everything would be made a MILLION times better with Someone Special. Well, one day... #
  • 21:02 I really should start getting my shit together for Comic Con, but wow, it's been a long and eventful week and a half. Time to change gears. #
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